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Payment & Operation


Payment & Operation


Payment & Operation

In order to be able to invoice charging processes in accordance with calibration law, chargeBIG relies on its own backend. The user‘s smartphone is used to display the progress of the charging meter. In the backend, signifi cantly more data than in the OCPP standard (Open Charge Point Protocol) will be transmitted (for example temperature data, information on overvoltage protection, data on integration into the fi re alarm system etc.). The backend creates the invoice receipt for the users, transmits the payment data to the payment provider, enables a reporting of the charging data and realizes the interface to the German Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA).

The chargeBIG backend can be connected to other backends via appropriate standards. Thus eRoaming can be offered for chargeBIG charging points.

App usage briefly explained

Steps in the chargeBIG App without a user profile

Scan QR-code

Enter e-mail address and payment details

Select tariff

Press charge here

Continuously overview the charging process

End charging process

  • Activation of the charging point via QR-code scan

  • Payment process via input of credit card data

    or PayPal data

  • White Label Solution for B2B customers possiblе

Steps in smartphone app

Benefits for the end user:

  • Easy to use and appealing user journey for the end user

  • Download the app free of charge from the iOS and Android store or use the web application instead

  • Activation within seconds via plug & charge by app (NFC)

  • Choice between eco and premium charging rate (if offered by the operator)

  • Ad hoc billing via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and PayPal

  • Access code for flatrate continuous obligations, visitors or for cost center allocation

Benefits for the operator:

  • Payment processing with end user or employee on behalf of the operator via the service of chargeBIG

  • Selection of different payment methods

  • Selection of individual tariffs for kWh-exact billing with or without start or time fee

  • White labeling of the chargeBIG App possible including individual coloring, integration of the company logo, selection of background images, etc.

  • chargeBIG Dashboard of the charging infrastructure for control, reporting and for the integration in energy management systems

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