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In addition to the central charging solution for application areas from 18 charging points for fleet or employer charging, MAHLE chargeBIG also offers a solution for smaller application areas in the residential sector. The chargeBIG6 charging system consists of a central control unit – the MAHLE chargeBIG6 charging distributor – with up to six three-phase charging points with permanently attached cable and type 2 plug.

The chargeBIG6 solution is based on the proven principle: intelligent control of the charging processes with load management in the case of limited grid connection and central arrangement of the electronic components in a small distribution box.

Advantages compared to conventional wallboxes

Due to the intelligent load management, the system can prevent an overload of the house connection. In addition, the centralized design of the system greatly reduces investment costs. Likewise, maintenance in the operational context can be carried out with reduced effort.
Although the chargeBIG6 charging solution has load management, the power lines can be assigned to individual parties. Thus, each party can have its own charging tariff. There is no administrative overhead and no central billing is required.

chargeBIG6 is the ideal solution for apartment buildings or car workshops. In principle, the system appeals to all smaller businesses, such as car dealerships or workshops. The system is ideally suited for a demand of 6 to 12 charging points.

If you have a larger need for charging points, the chargeBIG18-36 system might be of interest to you. The charging solution for larger applications covers a demand from 18 to 100 or more charging points.

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