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INPUT project GELaZ successfully completed

MAHLE chargeBIG as associated partner and charging infrastructure supplier in the GELaZ project. On 9th of December 2021 the project GELaZ that was funded by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy of Baden-Württemberg within the framework of the program INPUT (“Intelligent Grid Connection of Car Parks and Underground Garages”) was successfully completed.

China Automotive and Parts Industry Development and Innovation Award 2021

MAHLE recently received two awards from the Chinese automotive trade media. MAHLE also received an award from the trade journal Automotive & Parts. The company won the “2021 China Automotive and Parts Industry Development and Innovation Award” for its innovative chargeBIG charging management system. To expand the charging system into the Chinese market, chargeBIG launched its first hardware demonstration program at the MAHLE Research and Development Center in Changshu this month. Additionally, chargeBIG is developing software tailored to the usage habits of Chinese consumers, which is expected to be released in the first half of 2022.

Funding for charging infrastructure at companies

Public funding of charging infrastructure for fleets and employee parking spaces by the BMVI. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) promotes the installation of charging infrastructure for employee parking lots, for electric vehicles in company or municipal fleets, and for company vehicles. The new funding directive “Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles – Companies and Municipalities”, which are not accessible to the public, adds an important milestone for the increase of electric mobility.

Schulz Group continues to expand its charging infrastructure

Management-Holding “Schulz Group GmbH” installs 22 charging stations for electric cars at its headquarters in Ravensburg-Erlen. Instead of conventional filling stations and combustion engines, the Ravensburger Schulz Group is now focusing on decentralised charging stations and is thus setting an example for electromobility. For many people, e-mobility is still an offer of the future, but it has been part of our everyday lives for years. In the future, more and more cars with electric motors will be on the roads and will change the image of mobility in the long term. The Federal Government’s plan contributes to ten million electric cars and around one million charging points in Germany in 2030. With increasing registration numbers for electric cars, the number of charging options must also increase.

MAHLE announces fast-charging solution for electric cars

At the IAA Mobility 2021, the MAHLE technology group announced that it is expanding its intelligent charging solutions for electric cars. With the newly introduced chargeBIG Power charging management system, the nearly 1,000 chargeBIG charging points that have been installed for long-term parking are an important addition to fast charging with outputs of up to 750 kW. chargeBIG Power builds on the proven chargeBIG principle: the charging management system can be economically integrated into the existing infrastructure; particularly on long-distance routes, where there is still a lack of fast-charging options. Thanks to the intelligent control of the load distribution in the power grid, the charging system enables as many electric vehicles as possible to be charged from the available power supply at the same time. By selecting the tariff, the user can order the charging capacity that fits the electric vehicle and travel plan. And the charging points are very easy to operate.

Realization of the chargeBIG charging solution at Marquard & Bahls AG in Hamburg

On June 29th, the chargeBIG charging solution was realized at Marquard & Bahls AG in Hamburg. Marquard & Bahls chose the future-proof charging solution from MAHLE, because chargeBIG can be easily expanded and complies with legal requirements of the calibration law. Currently, 32 charging points are already installed on two parking levels, which means almost a quarter of all employee parking spaces are electrified. In the future, additional 32 charging points can be added without incurring any further costs for the sub-distribution cabinets.

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