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March 2021 chargeBIG conforms to German metering regulations



MAHLE chargeBIG conforms to German metering regulations

MAHLE’s corporate start-up, chargeBIG, has successfully passed the VDE certification process with its charging solution for e-vehicles. With the support of the respective National Verification Authority, chargeBIG can now bill in compliance with the applicable legal requirements, meaning precise, comprehensible, permanently verifiable and storable. As the first provider in Germany, chargeBIG also offers its customers the opportunity to track charging on their smartphone in compliance with legal requirements using a meter progress indicator. The start-up from MAHLE has been successfully on the market since 2017 with a scalable intelligent charging solution for electric vehicles, which is particularly suitable for day and long-term parking. With chargeBIG it is possible to electrify as many parking spaces as possible at the same time with the lowest possible cost. Customers include Stuttgart Airport, the International Solar Energy Research Center in Konstanz, Cronimet Ferroleg GmbH, Schulz Group GmbH and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.

Member of Bundestag Dr. Anna Christmann visits MAHLE

On 17 March, Dr. Anna Christmann, the MAHLE headquarters in Bad Cannstatt. The Member of Parliament is already familiar with MAHLE and informed herself during her visit in particular about the company’s innovation activities.

Participation of MAHLE chargeBIG in the state award “Wir machen Mobilitätswende!”

The state award of Baden-Württemberg “Wir machen Mobilitätswende!” honors people in companies, communities, and organizations who professionally implement ideas for sustainable mobility.

Participation in the campaign “Echte Autoliebe” by CosmosDirekt

Real car love is when it keeps on sparking even without spark plugs. Nicole Heinrich from chargeBIG is taking part in CosmosDirekt’s Echte Autoliebe campaign, because tomorrow’s mobility needs to get on the road today. In the case of e-mobility, however, this only works if there are also enough charging stations along the road towards the future.

Among the 2020 SMAVARD winners.

Among the 2020 SMAVARD winners, reflecting the diversity of smart city implementations and locations from across Europe, is MAHLE with its charging solution chargeBIG and the implementation project “Charging solution with 100 charging points in Stuttgart”. The award was presented by the company BABLE during the live conference at the Nordic Edge Expo.

MAHLE opens Start-Up Space for new business ideas

MAHLE is opening a Start-Up Space in Stuttgart/Germany for its corporate start-ups and teams developing novel business concepts in the Incubator. Since 2017, the Incubator has been an established group-wide program supporting the development of new business ideas and a key part of MAHLE’s innovation strategy.

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