Management-Holding “Schulz Group GmbH” installs 22 charging stations for electric cars at its headquarters in Ravensburg-Erlen

Instead of conventional filling stations and combustion engines, the Ravensburger Schulz Group is now focusing on decentralised charging stations and is thus setting an example for electromobility. For many people, e-mobility is still an offer of the future, but it has been part of our everyday lives for years. In the future, more and more cars with electric motors will be on the roads and will change the image of mobility in the long term. The Federal Government’s plan contributes to ten million electric cars and around one million charging points in Germany in 2030. With increasing registration numbers for electric cars, the number of charging options must also increase.

The transformation of mobility is also to be promoted within the Schulz Group – towards electrification. That is why, in addition to the photovoltaic system on the company building, five charging points have been available since 2015. At the beginning of this year, Schulz expanded its capacity to a total of 22 stations as part of a cooperation with the start-up chargeBIG powered by MAHLE. Due to the increased demand for charging options, the management decided to expand the charging infrastructure at the Ravensburg site. At present, the Schulz Group’s fleet of business vehicles already comprises 17 electric vehicles, and the trend is rising, and electric cars are also becoming increasingly popular among the Schulz Group’s employees in the private sector.

Schulz Group GmbH not only offers an incentive to switch to environmentally friendly drives, but also helps to create greater acceptance of electromobility. Sven Schulz, Managing Partner, wants to play a role as an entrepreneur with this investment and considers it his duty as an employer to make a contribution to sustainability and to create the necessary conditions.

Schulz Engineering, headquartered in Ravensburg Erlen, is one of eight subsidiaries of the Schulz Group, a medium-sized group of companies with around 300 employees across Germany, who work in the three business areas of Mechanical engineering and software has been successfully active for over 35 years.