chargeBIG is now offering its customers a charging card that can be used to activate the charging process quickly and easily.

Since the end of 2023, MAHLE chargeBIG has been offering its customers a payment terminal where the charging process can be activated by debit and credit card, mobile via smartphone or RFID charging card. Since then, this has been an alternative to billing via the chargeBIG app and common charging apps with eRoaming.

At charging infrastructure where a chargeBIG payment terminal is available, the charging process can also be started and billed with the chargeBIG charging card in future.

The advantages of the new charging card:

  • Fast, simple activation and billing of the charging process
  • Billing with configurable cost centers – tailored to vehicle and employee – possible
  • Compact format in credit card size

The chargeBIG payment terminal in conmbination with the chargeBIG charging card is not only interesting for companies in the area of vehicle fleets for electric and hybrid fleets, but also in the area of employee charging or in a public context. Thanks to calibration-compliant billing, parking garages and large parking lots can benefit from the simplicity and charging experience of chargeBIG.