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chargeBIG 18-36

The AC charging solution for application areas
from 18 to 100 or more parking spaces.


chargeBIG 18-36

The AC charging solution for application areas
from 18 to 100 or more parking spaces.

The AC charging solution for application areas from 18 to 100 or more parking spaces


The charging solution

Under the motto “Charge as fast as necessary, not as fast as
possible”, chargeBIG offers scalable and cost-effective charging
charging infrastructure for fleet operators and for
from 18 to 100 or more electrified parking spaces.
parking spaces.

Loading as fast as necessary,
not as fast as possible.

  • Centralized and scalable charging infrastructure solution, ideal for day parking and fleet operators
  • Grid-friendly and intelligent distribution of the available total power through dynamic and phase-specific load management
  • Flexible response to other consumers and use of the electric vehicle as a controllable load
  • Optimal use of the existing network connection and thus considerable time and cost savings when setting up charging infrastructure
  • Minimal maintenance costs due to central arrangement of components
  • Charging of twice as many e-vehicles compared to
    to existing charging solutions

The ideal solution chargeBIG

chargeBIG is the ideal charging solution for parking areas where many e-vehicles are parked for long periods of time, such as at airports or trade fairs, in company parking garages, on the premises of fleet operators, in city logistics hubs, in the housing industry or in large public parking garages.

We make e-mobility possible with a charging point at every parking space

Structure of the charging solution

The chargeBIG charging solution for single-phase “AC Destination Charging” with charging capacities between 2 and 7 kW is composed of a central and intelligent control unit – the charging cabinet – and permanently attached cables with plugs instead of charging columns or wallboxes at the parking lot. Depending on local conditions, the device at the parking lot is equipped with either a pedestal or a wall mount with a permanently attached charging cable. Instead of installing expensive components at each parking lot, the necessary components (for example, charge controller, energy metering, fuses, etc.) are housed in the central charging cabinet. A single charging cabinet can control up to 36 charging points with single-phase charging power. Higher charging powers of 22 kW can be integrated into the system with a maximum of four charging points per charging cabinet.

Advantage due to centralized structure

Centralization offers significant cost advantages not only in manufacturing but also in maintenance. The maintenance effort is significantly reduced by the central arrangement of the electronics. Centralization also offers advantages over conventional solutions in the area of communication and IT security. In addition, with chargeBIG there is a clear advantage in terms of electrical safety: only when a vehicle is connected and safely grounded is a charging point supplied with power. In cases of vandalism or accidents, there is no danger due to the de-energized charging point.

The perfect solution for fleets

For fleet operators in rented properties, the short installation time and the possibility of easy dismantling are important. Dynamic, phase-specific load management distributes the available charging power to the parked vehicles, for example when charging overnight at the depot or logistics hub. Prioritization of charging processes during the day for intermediate charging is possible. The fast charging points with 22 kW are excluded from load management, so that corresponding capacities are kept free for important recharging processes. Despite a limited electrical capacity of the grid infrastructure at the site, it is possible to establish many charging points with the chargeBIG system. The existing grid connection is optimally and intelligently utilized. Likewise, expensive peak loads are avoided. On customer request, the load management communicates with other consumers or generators such as a photovoltaic system in the grid. chargeBIG uses the electric vehicles as a controllable load. Are you planning to convert your fleet to electric vehicles and install suitable charging infrastructure that can be integrated into daily operations and scalably grows with demand?

For employers

For employers with large-scale parking areas for employees, a cost-effective and scalable solution for the electrification of parking spaces is essential, because the creation of charging infrastructure for e-cars of company car owners and employees strengthens the corporate image. Employers, who often have no touch points with charging infrastructure for e-cars in their operational business, can benefit from a general contractor who delivers everything from a single source. If charging infrastructure already exists or an operator backend is in use, the chargeBIG solution can be integrated via OCPP.

For municipalities and cities

For municipalities and cities, the chargeBIG charging infrastructure at public locations, such as Park&Ride parking lots or in parking garages, is interesting. chargeBIG is compliant with calibration laws and charging electricity can therefore be charged to third parties. In this case, charging processes are paid ad-hoc via common means of payment such as credit card or PayPal. A payment terminal can also be set up at public locations. For municipalities and cities, the chargeBIG solution can also be used at parking areas of their own fleet.

For the conversion of your fleet or vehicle fleet to electric vehicles and the installation of suitable charging infrastructure that can be integrated into daily operations and scalably grows with your needs, feel free to contact us.

chargeBIG Portfolio

For individual charging needs, chargeBIG from MAHLE offers a full-service solution from a single source.

Supplier of charging hardware and load management

Central charging unit incl. sub-distribution and communication

18 or more charging points

Wall mount or pedestal
incl. charging cable

Dynamic load and
charge management

Energy management and integration of consumers and generators

Integration into
energy management
or into the building control system

Charge Point Operator

Installation and infrastructure,
civil engineering and landscaping

Maintenance and repair

B2B service
(weekdays from 8am – 6pm or 24/7)

chargeBIG Backend

Billing in compliance with calibration laws

chargeBIG Dashboard

OCPP 1.6-J

Mobility Solution Provider

Charging app
(White Label possible)

Authentication via QR code scan or NFC

Payment processing and receipt generation

Service for end users


Meter cabinet with power supply contract

Operator terminal

In cooperation with partners

Consulting regarding
Fast charging solutions (DC), photovoltaic systems and battery storage systems

Consulting regarding subsidy programs

Financing of
Charging hardware


With chargeBIG, you invest in a future-proof charging solution at your location and for your fleet. Costs for sub-distribution are additional with conventional solutions with many charging points. The centralized system approach offers significant cost advantages not only for charging hardware, but also for maintenance.


Electrification of parking lots possible on a large scale


Lower investment in charging hardware and operation as well as reduced costs in network expansion

Maintenance friendly

Significant cost advantages in annual maintenance due to centralization of electronic components in the charging cabinet


Future-proof charging solution with the option of commissioning additional charging points at the site in further expansion stages


Contribution to grid stabilization due to intelligently controlled charging points

Compliant with calibration law

Billing process with end users certified by the VDE and in compliance with the measurement and calibration law and connection to the S.A.F.E. transparency software.

Full-Service Solution

A full range of services from a single source through a single provider, if desired


Easy to use thanks to attached charging cable and activation via app

Technical details

  • Single-phase charging according to DIN EN 61851-1 “Mode 3” dynamic charging power from 2 – 7 kW
  • Individual charging points with 22 kW can be integrated (for example for visitor parking)
  • Phase-individual load management with the charging strategy: “First come, first serve”.
  • Integrated control to avoid unbalanced loads
    Overvoltage protection and temperature monitoring
    in the charging cabinet
  • Size-optimized control cabinet on
    small installation area
  • Outdoor variant with air conditioning unit for outdoor use
  • Separate bayed cabinet for measuring devices to comply with calibration regulations
  • Central energy meter for load management, grid efficiency and electricity tax deferral

Rated current

18 P 125A
36 LP 250A


Voltage 230 / 400V 3NAC
Frequency 50Hz

Charging capacity

single phase 2 – 7kW

Residual current device
and DC fault detection
(charging cabinet)

30mA FI type A and 6mA RDC-MD for each charging point

Protection class

IP55 (charging cabinet); plug (IP44); plug-body (IP67)


Supply line from the charging cabinet possible from above or below, star-shaped cabling of the single-phase or three-phase down conductors to the charging points

Operating temperature range

Charging point: -25°C to +55°C, charging cabinet: -25°C to +35°C
in each case without direct sunlight)
Passive cooling system (active cooling at extra charge)

Communication and

Activation and billing via QR code scan and app
LAN, WLAN (optional), integration into GLT via UPC-UA

Mobile communication


Load management

Phase-individual, highly dynamic and centralized load management for 18-100+ charging points with integration of other loads, generators (photovoltaics) and battery storage in the network

Loading strategies

First come first serve, prioritization of individual charging points, integration of higher charging powers (22 kW), other charging strategies on request

Mechanical data complete system chargeBIG
Dimensions in mm (H x W x D)

Charging cabinet Indoor (1950x1850x400) / Charging cabinet Outdoor (2050x2000x600) each incl. baying cabinet for meter solution / billing
Pedestal: square stainless steel tube (1170 x 100 x 100) Plug holder
(approx. 90 x 107 x 107)

Wall mount

Plug holder (110 x 110 x approx. 100)


OCPP 1.6 J


Depending on the location and application, there are different options for funding. We will be happy to present the individual funding programs to you. We will support you in the application process. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

NOW GmbH provides information about currently applicable funding programs in Germany at:


The chargeBIG charging infrastructure offers single-phase charging powers between 2 – 7kW (max. 32A). Intelligently controlled and single-phase power is optimal for daytime parking or nighttime charging, parallel charging of many vehicles and utilizing the existing grid connection. The phase-individual and dynamic load management controls the charging processes depending on how many other vehicles are charging and how much maximum power is available at the site. Individual charging points can be integrated into the chargeBIG system with three-phase charging power, i.e. 11 or 22kW (max. 32A three-phase) for visitor parking areas, for example.

The chargeBIG charging infrastructure pays off from a demand of at least 18 charging points at one location. The solution is also particularly suitable for larger application areas of up to 100 or more charging points.

The charging cabinet, i.e. the central control unit and the sub-distribution for the charging points, can control up to 36 single-phase charging points or 30 single-phase and two three-phase charging points when fully equipped.

The chargeBIG solution is not only suitable for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. The outdoor charging cabinets can be optionally equipped with a sealing package and/or air conditioning.

The chargeBIG charging points have a permanently mounted Type 2 charging cable.

The integration of three-phase AC charging points into the chargeBIG system is possible for visitor parking lots, for example. However, the large number of charging points is implemented with intelligent, single-phase charging power. On request, the integration of DC charging solutions into the chargeBIG system is possible.

The chargeBIG solution offers the choice between a static or an intelligent and dynamic load management with the strategy “first come – first serve”. The integration of other power generators or loads in the building is easily possible. A grid-optimized load management, based on the grid frequency, as well as a load management, based on sports market prices, are currently still under development.

The chargeBIG solution can be connected directly to the building via the low-voltage main distribution or the house connection. The load management can balance all other consumers and use the electric vehicles as a shelfable load, while prioritizing other consumers such as the kitchen or the test bench. The load management either reacts autonomously within seconds to defined dynamic or static maximum load specifications or it is integrated into the building control system and follows the specifications from the building control system.

In the event of a failure of the local load management, for example due to the emergency setting in the building control system or due to a network failure, all charging processes switch to so-called emergency charging, which can be parameterized to 6 or 10A per charging point.

Activation takes place via QR code scan or via NFC using the smartphone camera or via the chargeBIG app (web application, iOS or Android app).

The charging process is paid for ad-hoc using common, mobile payment methods such as the credit card or PayPal. Other means of payment can be integrated upon request. If users are not billed directly, it is possible to use voucher codes. All charging transactions are summarized in a reporting, so that charging transactions with voucher codes can be allocated to cost centers via an internal allocation. This is particularly relevant for employer or fleet charging.

Prices at chargeBIG charging points are generally charged on the basis of the kWh consumed, but vary depending on the location and provider. The Eco tariff refers to a dynamic charging power between 2.3 – 7.2kW. The Premium tariff guarantees 7.2kW on the infrastructure side. Optionally, a basic charge can also be defined for the charging process at the location.

In March 2021, chargeBIG’s billing solution was certified by the VDE, so that billing can now be carried out in compliance with calibration law. With chargeBIG, the progress of the kWh display takes place via the smartphone in user ownership and not through a physical meter at the charging point. For this, the entire technology including encrypted data transmission between charging hardware and backend was certified.

No, chargeBIG offers per kilowatt hour billing, time is irrelevant.

No, our charging columns or wall mounts have a permanently mounted charging cable. On the one hand for safety reasons, on the other hand for the comfort of the customer.

Any B2B company that has a need for 18 or more charging points can become a chargeBIG customer.

Unfortunately, the question about the purchase and installation costs cannot be answered in a general way, as many factors have to be taken into account. Please contact us with your detailed requirements and we will be happy to prepare a non-binding offer. In order to be able to provide a binding offer including installation and full-service solution, an on-site inspection is required.

There are a number of different funding programs for the development of charging infrastructure, some of which have different requirements depending on the federal state or industry. chargeBIG will be happy to support you in choosing the right funding program for you and in preparing the funding application.

The chargeBIG solution relies on a proprietary backend developed in-house. This backend transmits more data than specified in the standard for OCPP, such as information for temperature monitoring, overvoltage protection and signals for the fire alarm system. The calibration law also requires certain functionalities in the backend for a centralized charging solution, which have been implemented in the chargeBIG backend. Using the OICP standard, we can operate backend roaming and thus communicate with third-party hardware (AC and DC).

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