MAHLE chargeBIG is taking part in the Fraunhofer “BiFlex-Industrie” funding project for bidirectional charging and remains true to its business model.


In the Fraunhofer Institute’s “BiFlex-Industrie – Bidirectional Flexibility through Fleet Power Plants in and around Companies” project, a consortium of researchers, industry and users is working to solve the remaining challenges of bidirectional charging. The aim of the project is to develop the potential of regenerative vehicle fleets as a whole. Specific advantages for companies and energy industry business models are to be identified and demonstrated so that they can be integrated into existing systems on a large scale and become the nucleus for fleet power plants.


MAHLE chargeBIG is delighted to be able to play an active role in shaping the future of charging infrastructure. In doing so, chargeBIG remains true to its business model and is researching a centralized solution for fleets. In Stuttgart, the MAHLE subsidiary will integrate a bidirectional charging park with 20 DC charging points and a total output of 400 kW into the local network at a company location. During the project period, the hardware and software-related boundary conditions for future centralized fleet charging infrastructure will be researched.


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