MAHLE chargeBIG presented the new chargeBIG6 charging system at the MAHLE TechTalk with the Autodoktoren. The live talk took place in the car workshop of the Autodoktoren near Cologne.

The MAHLE TechTalk with the Autodoktoren took place on June 6. MAHLE chargeBIG was able to present the chargeBIG6 charging system – a charging solution for smaller areas of application, such as workshops, residential owner communities or small fleets. The charging solution consists of a central control unit with up to six three-phase charging points with fixed cable and type 2 plugs – perfect for use in the workshop.

Dr. Matthias Kreimeier and Max Gerstadt from chargeBIG answered questions about functionality, benefits, scope of delivery, installation & assembly options and much more. Have a look at the video – from minute 23:10 starts the contribution of chargeBIG: