On June 29th, the chargeBIG charging solution was realized at Marquard & Bahls AG in Hamburg. Marquard & Bahls chose the future-proof charging solution from MAHLE, because chargeBIG can be easily expanded and complies with legal requirements of the calibration law. Currently, 32 charging points are already installed on two parking levels, which means almost a quarter of all employee parking spaces are electrified. In the future, additional 32 charging points can be added without incurring any further costs for the sub-distribution cabinets. Only the costs for the charging points and the installation have to be spent in the second expansion step. With regards to the hardware, the fully equipped charging cabinets can regulate a maximum of 30 single-phase charging points and offer dynamic charging powers of up to 7.2kW, ideal for day parking. Two three-phase charging points with charging power of 22kW are also integrated into the charging cabinets. These fast-charging points can be used by visitors, suppliers or fleet vehicles that need to be recharged faster in less time.

The charging points are initially free of charge and accessible without authentication. At a later point in time, the payment system can be activated. The charging points are then accessed via the chargeBIG smartphone app and the QR code scan or via NFC. The chargeBIG service can be used to bill consumers via ad hoc payment for the energy consumed or free of charge via access code.

The international standard OpenADR was implemented at the charging infrastructure of Marquard & Bahls. The protocol allows the grid operator to control the chargeBIG charging infrastructure and reduce the load on the distribution grid in an emergency. The implementation of this function was a requirement for the funding approval in the ELBE project. By realizing OpenADR, cost-intensive expansion of the grid could be minimized respectively avoided.

  • 30 times up to 7.2kW and 2 times 22kW, expandable by 32 additional charging points
  • Implementation of wall mounts on two parking levels in the underground car park
  • Local load management for the optimal use of the existing grid connection and grid stabilization due to OpenADR
  • Connection to the chargeBIG backend
  • Preparing for compliance with verification requirements in terms of the calibration law

By electrifying the parking spaces, Marquard & Bahls motivates its employees to buy an electric car or a plug-in hybrid. The electrification of its own vehicle fleet is also progressing. Thus, the company is making a positive contribution to climate protection and the reduction of CO2 and local emissions. About Marquard & Bahls AG: Founded in 1947, Marquard & Bahls has grown into an agile independent holding company in the energy & chemical sector. Its core lines of business include tank storage logistics and energy trading. Through its subsidiaries, Marquard & Bahls has a presence in 29 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa and employs about 4,300 people. The vision is to be a successful ethical investor supporting human development.