• MAHLE and Ideanomics Inc. conclude strategic partnership for the market ramp-up of MAHLE chargeBIG in the USA
  • Thereby, the successful fleet charging solution from chargeBIG gains a foothold on the North American continent
  • Contract signed at MAHLE in Stuttgart

MAHLE and Ideanomics Inc. conclude a strategic partnership for intelligent fleet charging solutions. The listed American tech company and the Stuttgart-based technology group are thus jointly accelerating the market ramp-up of the chargeBIG system in North America. The signing of the contract took place on February 7 at MAHLE in Stuttgart.

“Charging as fast as necessary, not as fast as possible” – that is the basic idea of chargeBIG. “With this strategic partnership between MAHLE and Ideanomics, we are now taking our vision to North America,” says Sebastian Ewert, founder and CEO of MAHLE chargeBIG. In Germany, chargeBIG has already successfully established itself in the market. „With Ideanomics as development and sales partner, we are now excellently positioned to help chargeBIG achieve a breakthrough in North America.”

With its system, chargeBIG has a centralized and scalable charging solution in the market, which can be cost-effectively integrated into the existing infrastructure without lengthy modifications. The chargeBIG system is the solution for locations where electric vehicles park for four hours or longer. With 18 to 100 or more charging points, chargeBIG is ideal for company car parks, airports, fleet operators or for underground car parks in large residential complexes. The charging solution relies on intelligent charging capacities between 2 and 7kW to charge many vehicles at one location in parallel. The integration of 19kW charging points (US specification) is possible. The charging infrastructure consists of a central charging cabinet and charging points with permanently mounted charging cables at the parking lot.