Cooperation regarding e-mobility between Bau- und Heimstättenverein Stuttgart eG and MAHLE chargeBIG GmbH

In spring 2021, MAHLE presented the charging solution for “chargeBIG” electric vehicles to four construction cooperatives, including the contract partner. Subsequently, three building cooperatives, among them the contracting partner, decided as the owner of the underground car park at the location Scharnhauserpark, Herzog-Carl-Straße 3 in 73760 Ostfildern, In a pilot project, MAHLE was commissioned to retrofit the underground car park with the chargeBIG charging solution. The installation of the chargeBIG solution with initially 17 of 36 possible charging points was completed at the beginning of 2022. For this location of the pilot project, it has also spoken that, thanks to the chargeBIG principle of intelligent load distribution, there is no need to expand the house connection for the construction of a charging solution. The fire safety regulations were also already in place. The investment volume for the charging infrastructure, without consideration of an approved subsidy, is in the 5-digit range. The investments include the pre-equipment for 36 charging points, the intelligent charging cabinet including load management and the installation of the initially 17 charging points. In addition, there are ongoing costs that the tenants of electrified parking spots have to bear via a higher parking spot rent.

The first interested residents on site were able to rent an electrified parking space from the Bau- und Heimstättenverein Stuttgart eG from March 2022. In order to be able to charge your vehicle, it is necessary to download the free chargeBIG app or to use the web app in the browser. Authentication is carried out via QR Code Scan or NFC and, if desired, the user can create a customer account. The MAHLE chargeBIG app allows mobile payment of the charging processes. Another advantage is that the chargeBIG user can also have his visit charged directly at the charging point, since the charging process is not linked to any chassis number or vehicle license plates.

In the meantime, 9 parking spaces are rented. Further inquiries are available. With the increasing demand for charging points in the future, chargeBIG system can scale to 36 charging points with little effort. The three cooperatives involved on site are pleased to be able to offer their tenants an additional service and thus promote the switch to e-mobility.

At MAHLE, inquiries about the implementation of charging infrastructure in underground parking spaces for condominium communities and building cooperatives increased significantly last year. “chargeBIG” is the ideal solution for electrifying large-scale parking spaces, as the vehicles in underground car parks of residential buildings usually park more than 10 hours overnight. A simultaneous charging of several vehicles is no problem with the chargeBIG solution. Thanks to the load management, the centralization of the electronics in the charging cabinet and the intelligent charging power up to 7.2kW, the system can operate up to 36 charging points in parallel without expensive connection expansion.

After the turnkey installation, MAHLE chargeBIG GmbH has also assumed the role of charging infrastructure manager. The Stuttgart eG Building and Homestead Association thus receives maintenance and service from a single source. The Bau- und Heimstättenverein Stuttgart eG does not have to worry about the billing, because the end user receives the invoice after each charging process.