The Charge@BW funding has been newly launched with a duration until end of June 2024. Either 40% or up to €2,500 per charging point can be funded. In the case of condominium owners, the same applies per charging station, as only the installation costs are covered for shared apartments.

Relevant data and facts:

  • Beneficiaries: Natural and legal persons with registered office in Baden-Württemberg
  • Duration: until June 30, 2024
  • Object of funding: Acquisition of charging infrastructure, installation costs of charging infrastructure
  • Head: Max 2,500 EUR per charging point/charging station or max 40% funding rate
  • Minimum funding amount: The grant amount of your project is at least 5,500 euros

What can be promoted:

  • You install or lease, rent or contract publicly accessible charging stations incl. grid connection with subsequent operation in Baden-Württemberg (e.g. retail, car parks, public parking, leisure facilities).
  • You carry out preparatory electrical installations without a charging infrastructure for the (later) connection of charging points in housing associations (WEG) in Baden-Württemberg.
  • You operate the subsidised infrastructure (charging infrastructure and grid connection) at least 3 years from completion at the location defined in the application in Baden-Württemberg. For leasing, rental, contracting, the contract period is at least 3 years.
  • You can apply for funding for a maximum of 250 charging points during the program period.

More details and the exact requirements can be found here: