On May 4 2023, an in-house exhibition took place in our office in Stuttgart. Participants were able to learn more about our intelligent charging solutions. The focus was on our solution for apartment buildings and small businesses. The chargeBIG team presented the new solution with all its advantages and the participants were able to test the shop directly on site. The interested parties included electricians, building technicians, project developers, municipal councils, chairpersons of residential owner communities and much more.

MAHLE chargeBIG makes it possible to charge electric vehicles for smaller applications, for example in apartment buildings, workshops or small businesses. With the new MAHLE chargeBIG6 system, up to six electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously at the existing house connection; The central charging distributor is connected to existing electricity meters. Thanks to Plug & Play, the system is easy to install, inexpensive and can be expanded by six additional stations at any time. A local electrician can install the solution.

The charging system consists of the MAHLE chargeBIG6 charging distributor with up to six three-phase charging points with fixed cable and type 2 plugs as well as a charging capacity of 11 or 22 kW. The charging distributor contains all necessary electronic components such as charging controller, residual current circuit breaker and fuse. Depending on the configuration, the power requirements for the system amount to 25kVA, 43kVA or 86kVA, which distributes the load management to the charging points as required. The charging infrastructure is connected to the grid via the household electricity meter. A billing of charging processes and the connection to a charging infrastructure backend are not necessary. The charging points work in plug & play mode and can be activated via key switches if desired. The solution is also suitable for employers who do not require settlement in accordance with the custody register.