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chargeBIG - the AC charging solution powered by MAHLE


For the scalable loading requirement of your fleet solution


The charging solution

chargeBIG offers the implementation of a full-service solution for your individual charging needs. In addition to providing the charging hardware, we also take care of the installation, maintenance, service and operation of the charging points. Let us advise you and choose the right solution for you.

Hardware and Software Manufacturer

Centralized charging cabinet incl. distribution and communication

18 or more charging points
(up to 36 charging points in one charging cabinet)

Wall mount or charging pillar with charging cable

Dynamic load management

Energy management and integration of other loads

Integration in energy management of buildings

Charge Point Operator

Installation as well as infrastructure, landscaping and ground works

Maintenance and repair

B2B service (on workdays from 8am – 6pm or 24/7)

chargeBIG backend

Billing conform with calibration regulations

chargeBIG dashboard

Mobility Solution Provider

Charging app
(whitelabel possible)

Authentification via QR-code scan or NFC

Payment and billing

Consumer service


Others and with partners

Consultancy regarding DC hardware, photovoltaics and battery storage

Consultancy regarding public funding

Financing of charging hardware

Charging system with other energy consumers

  • Centralized and scalable charging infrastructure solution, ideal for day parkers and fleet operators

  • Grid-friendly and intelligent distribution of the available total power through dynamic and phase-individual load management

  • Optimal use of the existing grid connection and thus considerable time and cost savings during the installation of charging infrastructure

  • Minimal maintenance costs due to central arrangement of the components

  • Charging of twice as many electric vehicles compared to existing charging solutions

The ideal solution chargeBIG

chargeBIG is the ideal solution for parking areas where many electric vehicles are parked for longer time periods, such as at airports or trade fairs, in company car parks, on the sites of fleet operators, in city logistics hubs, in the housing sector or in large public car parks.

The chargeBIG charging solution for single-phase „AC Destination Charging“ with charging power between 2.3 and 7.2kW consists of a central and intelligent control unit – the charging cabinet – and permanently fixed cables with plugs instead of charging poles or wallboxes at the parking place. Depending on the local conditions, the device at the parking slot is equipped either with a charging pillar or a wall bracket with a fixed charging cable. Instead of installing expensive components at each parking place, the necessary components (e.g. charge controller, energy measurement, fuses, etc.) are placed in the central charging cabinet. A single charging cabinet can control up to 36 charging points with single-phase charging power. Higher charging power with 22kW can be integrated in the system

Centralization offers considerable cost advantages not only in production but also in maintenance. The central arrangement of the electronics significantly reduces the maintenance effort. Centralization also offers advantages over conventional solutions in the field of communication and IT security. In addition, chargeBIG has a clear advantage in terms of electrical safety. Only when the vehicle is connected and safely grounded, a charging point is supplied with power. In cases of vandalism or accidents there is no danger because the charging point is without power.

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