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chargeBIG Benefits

For your individual charging needs, chargeBIG from MAHLE offers a full-service solution from a single source. With chargeBIG, you invest in a future-proof charging solution at your location and for your fleet.

Costs for sub-distribution are additional for conventional solutions with many charging points. The centralized system approach offers significant cost advantages not only for charging hardware, but also for maintenance.

Price information on the chargeBIG range of services is available on request.

Overview of the Benefits

Scalable – Large scale electrification of parking spots is possible

Cost-effective – Smaller investment in charging hardware and operation as well as reduced costs for power grid expansion

Easy to maintain – Significant cost advantages in annual maintenance due to centralization of electronic components in the charging cabinet

Expandable – Future-proof charging solution with the option of commissioning additional charging points at the site in further expansion stages

Grid-friendly – Contribution to grid stabilization due to intelligently controlled charging points

Conform to the calibration law – Billing and payment process with end users certified by the VDE and in compliance with the German measurement and calibration law and connection to the S.A.F.E. transparency software

Full-service solution – A fully comprehensive range of services from a single provider on request

User-friendly – Easy to use due to fixed charging cable and authentification via app

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