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ISC Konstanz


  • Equipping two underground parking garage locations each with 18 single-phase AC charging points with up to 7.2kW


  • Commissioning of the 36 charging points in November 2019

Sustainability is a strategic thrust of LBBW and the bank’s vehicle fleet contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. In this context, the topic of electromobility was specifically promoted at LBBW, the proportion of plug-in hybrids and electric cars in the fleet was increased, and investments were made in the expansion of the charging infrastructure at the Stuttgart site. MAHLE chargeBIG supported LBBW in this effort.

  • Equipping the site in Constance with 15 single-phase AC charging points with up to 7.2kW as well as a three-phase AC charging point with 22kW in the outdoor area.


  • Commissioning of the 16 charging points in December 2019.
    Adaptation of the load management to the local conditions at the site.
  • Use of the 16 charging points by ISC employees and rental to sharing service providers.
  • Billing capabilities will be retrofitted at a later date

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