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For parking providers with large-scale parking areas, a cost-effective and scalable solution for the electrification of parking spaces is essential, because the creation of charging infrastructure for e-cars keeps parking operations economical and sustainable. This is possible with the AC charging solution from MAHLE chargeBIG: Under the motto “Charge as fast as necessary, not as fast as possible,” chargeBIG offers scalable and cost-effective charging infrastructure for application areas from 18 to 100 or more electrified parking spaces.

Despite a limited electrical capacity of the grid infrastructure at the site, it is possible to establish many charging points with the chargeBIG system. The existing grid connection is optimally and intelligently utilized. Likewise, expensive peak loads are avoided. Charging at the chargeBIG charging infrastructure complies with calibration laws and is therefore suitable for public locations. chargeBIG can also be used in commercial parking areas, as it is possible to charge a wide range of user groups.

The many advantages of the chargeBIG AC charging solution

Through a centralized charging cabinet, as few restrictions as possible are made by the subsequently installed charging infrastructure at the site, no unnecessary parking space is given away. Due to the centralization, the system can be installed easily and cost-effectively, and maintenance and servicing are also accordingly very inexpensive. MAHLE chargeBIG acts as general contractor and full-service partner. We are your contact for all your needs and concerns. You do not have to worry about the many issues necessary for parking electrification individually.

The charging solution offers a simple user experience – the charging process can be started in just a few seconds via the chargeBIG app. The fixed Type 2 cable also means that the user does not need to have their own cable, for example, and can always use the chargeBIG cable directly.

Our intelligent charging system is used in various parking garages or parking areas, such as airports, Park&Ride parking lots, shopping malls, amusement parks and many more.

We advise you from initial contact to implementation and stand by you as a general contractor.

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