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Consulting approach


Consulting approach

Before a company can select the right charging infrastructure for parking electrification, a number of framework conditions must be checked and various questions answered. Not every charging solution fits your application. MAHLE chargeBIG is at your side as a consultant – from the initial contact to implementation and installation, we are at your disposal as a partner.

1. Understanding: discuss and analyze customer needs
2. Planning: selecting the appropriate charging solution
3. Execute: full service installation on site
4. Operation: trouble-free use of the charging infrastructure
5. Maintenance: ongoing maintenance activities
6. Support: remote support

Advice on locations, user groups and driving profiles

For example, the following issues regarding locations, user groups, and driving profiles must be considered:

  • Is it an administrative or production site?
  • Is the site purchased or leased?
  • What is the available grid connection capacity?
  • What are the shift models?
  • Which vehicles are to be loaded
  • (company cars, private vehicles of employees, visitors…)?
  • Should heavy commercial vehicles also be loaded?

In the following, we illustrate some use cases and show you which
charging capacities are suitable for the individual use cases:

  • Example administrative building:
    – Consumption peaks due to air conditioning and canteen
    – Leased – semi-mobile investments
  • Example transformer:
    – 630 kVA, 20 – 80% utilization
    – 126 kVA to 504 kVA for E-Mobility
  • Example shift model:
    – regional distribution traffic in one shift
    – 14 h idle time
    – Care service in three shifts
    – 3 x 30 min idle time
  • Example of private car / company car:
    – 40km daily commute, 8h parking
    – 1,2kW charging power necessary
  • Example regional distribution traffic:
    – 120 km / day = 36 kWh, 14h parking
    – 3kW charging power necessary
  • Example heavy commercial vehicle:
    – 500 km / day = 600 kWh, 8h parking
    – 75kW charging power depot necessary

Advice on financing and operator models

All interested parties should also consider the financing and operator models. We will be happy to advise you on which model is the right one for you.
Enclosed we show a few examples of the questions you need to deal with:

You should always have this choice in order to know the basis for alternative financing models and to be able to discover hidden costs.

Leasing is also a sensible approach for charging infrastructure, but beware: the installation costs account for half of the total costs. Only a few leasing providers are willing to finance these as well.

Especially for (temporarily) public charging infrastructure, EaaS makes a lot of sense. A financial reimbursement (kick-back) in the context of the utilization of the GHG quota is possible.

We advise you from initial contact to implementation and stand by you as a general contractor.

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