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chargeBIG FAQs

The chargeBIG charging infrastructure offers single-phase charging power between 2.3 – 7.2kW (max. 32A). Intelligently controlled single-phase power is optimal for daytime parking or charging over the night and for charging many vehicles simultaneously while using of the existing grid connection. The phase-individual and dynamic load management controls the charging processes depending on how many other vehicles are charged and on how much maximum power is available at the site. Additionally, several charging points can be integrated into the chargeBIG system with three-phase charging power, i.e. 11 or 22kW (max. 32A three-phase) for visitor parking areas.

The chargeBIG charging infrastructure can be used as soon as at least 18 charging points are required at one location. The solution is also particularly suitable for larger use cases of up to 100 or more charging points.

The charging cabinet which means the central control unit and the sub-distribution for the charging points, can control up to 36 single-phase charging points or 30 single-phase and two three-phase charging points being fully equipped.

The chargeBIG solution is not only suitable for indoor use, but also for outdoor use. The outdoor charging cabinets can be optionally equipped with a sealing package and/or air conditioning.

The chargeBIG charging points are equipped with a permanently fixed type 2 charging cable. In other regions (US/China) the local standard charging cable can be provided.

The integration of three-phase AC charging points into the chargeBIG system is possible for visitor parking lots, for example. However, most of charging points offer intelligent and single-phase charging power. On request, the integration of DC charging solutions into the chargeBIG system is possible

The chargeBIG solution offers the choice between a static or an intelligent and dynamic load management with the strategy “first come – first serve”. The load management can be used to control other loads and the energy management in a building while avoiding to exceed the maximum load limit. Thus, costs for peak power can be reduced. A grid-optimized load management, based on the grid frequency, as well as a load management, based on sports market prices, are currently under development.

The chargeBIG solution can be connected directly to the building via the low-voltage main distribution or the house connection. The load management can balance all other consumers and use the electric vehicles as controllable loads, while prioritizing other consumers such as the kitchen or the test bench of an industry company. The load management either reacts autonomously within seconds to defined dynamic or static maximum load specifications or it is integrated into the building control system and follows the specifications from the building control system.

In the event of a local load management failure, for example due to the emergency setting in the building control system or due to a network failure, all charging processes switch to so-called emergency charging, which can be parameterized to 6 or 10A per charging point.

Authentification takes place via QR code scan or via NFC using the smartphone camera or the chargeBIG app (web application, iOs or Android app).

The charging process is paid ad-hoc with common mobile payment methods such as credit card or PayPal. Other payment methods can be integrated upon request. If users are not billed directly, it is possible to use voucher codes. All charging transactions are summarized in a reporting, so that charging transactions with voucher codes can be allocated to cost centers via an internal allocation. This is particularly relevant for employer or fleet charging.

Prices at chargeBIG charging points are generally charged based on kWh consumed. However, prices vary by location and provider. The eco tariff refers to a dynamic charging power between 2.3 – 7.2kW. The premium tariff guarantees 7.2kW on the infrastructure side. Optionally, a basic fee to can also be defined to start the charging process at the location.

In March 2021, chargeBIG’s billing solution was certified by the VDE, so that billing can now be carried out in compliance with calibration law in Germany. The chargeBIG solution displays the progress of the kWh amount via the smartphone of the user and not through a physical meter at the charging point. For this purpose, the entire technology including encrypted data transmission between charging hardware and backend has been certified.

Any B2B company that has a need for 18 or more charging points can become a chargeBIG customer.

Unfortunately, the question regarding hardware and installation costs cannot be answered easily, as many factors must be considered. Please contact us with your detailed requirements and we will be happy to provide you a non-binding offer. In order to be able to provide a binding offer including installation and full-service solution, an on-site visit at your location is required.

There are a variety of different funding programs for charging infrastructure, which vary in terms of requirements by country or by industry. chargeBIG will be happy to assist in choosing the right funding program for you and in preparing the funding application.

The chargeBIG solution relies on an in-house developed and proprietary backend. This backend transmits more data than specified in the standard for OCPP, such as temperature monitoring information, overvoltage protection and signals for the fire alarm system. The calibration law also requires certain functionalities in the backend for a centralized charging solution, which have been implemented accordingly. Using the OICP standard, we can perform backend roaming and thus communicate with third-party hardware (AC and DC). The OCPI 2.2 standard is currently under development.

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