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This page contains all current press releases on topics and news about chargeBIG.

Transport Minister Hermann visits chargeBIG at i-Mobility

The MAHLE subsidiary chargeBIG is represented with its own exhibition booth at the “charging campus” in Hall 8 (Booth C38) and presents its intelligent AC charging solution for fleets, car park operators, the residential sector and other use cases from 18 to 100 or more charging points. On Thursday, 21st of April, Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Transport, Winfried Hermann, visited the chargeBIG booth together with local and press representatives during his official tour of the fair – a special honor for the young MAHLE team, which was happy to answer the questions of the high-ranking guests.

Pilot project within the residential economy

In spring 2021, MAHLE presented the charging solution for “chargeBIG” electric vehicles to four construction cooperatives, including the contract partner. Subsequently, three building cooperatives, among them the contracting partner, decided as the owner of the underground car park at the location Scharnhauserpark, Herzog-Carl-Straße 3 in 73760 Ostfildern, In a pilot project, MAHLE was commissioned to retrofit the underground car park with the chargeBIG charging solution. The installation of the chargeBIG solution with initially 17 of 36 possible charging points was completed at the beginning of 2022.

MAHLE chargeBIG on track for growth

MAHLE chargeBIG, provider of a smart, scalable, and low-cost charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, remains on track for growth. The former corporate start-up is now an independent subsidiary of the MAHLE group. This will accelerate the automotive supplier’s transformation into a provider of sustainable mobility solutions and will also give the chargeBIG team greater operational freedom. The track record of MAHLE chargeBIG speaks for itself: since entering the market in 2018, around 1,500 charging points have already been sold to over 20 customers, and the current acquisition business is very successful. In addition, chargeBIG has concluded a development cooperation with power electronics specialist PRETTL Electronics Automotive to accelerate the market launch of its recently unveiled fast-charging solution chargeBIG POWER.

Participation in the THINK TANK with Bundesverband eMobilität e.V. and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Germany GmbH

MAHLE chargeBIG was part of the VISION mobility THINK TANK “charging technology for fleets – installed quickly and flexibly” on 26th of January 2022. E-mobility recently picked up speed, which prompted many companies and municipalities to massively expand the charging infrastructure. In the THINK TANK, we discussed with experts what to consider and how to master the changeover flexibly, sustainably and future-proofen. Kurt Sigl, President of the Bundesverband eMobilität (BEM) e.V., Nicole Heinrich, responsible for sales and marketing of chargeBIG and Alexandra Traub, Team Leader Facility Management at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Germany GmbH, answered questions. chargeBIG has installed 108 charging points for employees, customers and visitors for Trelleborg Solutions in Stuttgart Vaihingen. To learn from this reference project, watch the video.

INPUT project GELaZ successfully completed

MAHLE chargeBIG as associated partner and charging infrastructure supplier in the GELaZ project. On 9th of December 2021 the project GELaZ that was funded by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy of Baden-Württemberg within the framework of the program INPUT (“Intelligent Grid Connection of Car Parks and Underground Garages”) was successfully completed.

China Automotive and Parts Industry Development and Innovation Award 2021

MAHLE recently received two awards from the Chinese automotive trade media. MAHLE also received an award from the trade journal Automotive & Parts. The company won the “2021 China Automotive and Parts Industry Development and Innovation Award” for its innovative chargeBIG charging management system. To expand the charging system into the Chinese market, chargeBIG launched its first hardware demonstration program at the MAHLE Research and Development Center in Changshu this month. Additionally, chargeBIG is developing software tailored to the usage habits of Chinese consumers, which is expected to be released in the first half of 2022.

Funding for charging infrastructure at companies

Public funding of charging infrastructure for fleets and employee parking spaces by the BMVI. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) promotes the installation of charging infrastructure for employee parking lots, for electric vehicles in company or municipal fleets, and for company vehicles. The new funding directive “Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles – Companies and Municipalities”, which are not accessible to the public, adds an important milestone for the increase of electric mobility.

Schulz Group continues to expand its charging infrastructure

Management-Holding “Schulz Group GmbH” installs 22 charging stations for electric cars at its headquarters in Ravensburg-Erlen. Instead of conventional filling stations and combustion engines, the Ravensburger Schulz Group is now focusing on decentralised charging stations and is thus setting an example for electromobility. For many people, e-mobility is still an offer of the future, but it has been part of our everyday lives for years. In the future, more and more cars with electric motors will be on the roads and will change the image of mobility in the long term. The Federal Government’s plan contributes to ten million electric cars and around one million charging points in Germany in 2030. With increasing registration numbers for electric cars, the number of charging options must also increase.

MAHLE announces fast-charging solution for electric cars

At the IAA Mobility 2021, the MAHLE technology group announced that it is expanding its intelligent charging solutions for electric cars. With the newly introduced chargeBIG Power charging management system, the nearly 1,000 chargeBIG charging points that have been installed for long-term parking are an important addition to fast charging with outputs of up to 750 kW. chargeBIG Power builds on the proven chargeBIG principle: the charging management system can be economically integrated into the existing infrastructure; particularly on long-distance routes, where there is still a lack of fast-charging options. Thanks to the intelligent control of the load distribution in the power grid, the charging system enables as many electric vehicles as possible to be charged from the available power supply at the same time. By selecting the tariff, the user can order the charging capacity that fits the electric vehicle and travel plan. And the charging points are very easy to operate.

Realization of the chargeBIG charging solution at Marquard & Bahls AG in Hamburg

On June 29th, the chargeBIG charging solution was realized at Marquard & Bahls AG in Hamburg. Marquard & Bahls chose the future-proof charging solution from MAHLE, because chargeBIG can be easily expanded and complies with legal requirements of the calibration law. Currently, 32 charging points are already installed on two parking levels, which means almost a quarter of all employee parking spaces are electrified. In the future, additional 32 charging points can be added without incurring any further costs for the sub-distribution cabinets.

Mayor visits new charging points at MAHLE plant Lorch

On 13 July, Marita Funk, mayor of the city of Lorch and the neighbouring municipalities, visited the MAHLE plant in Lorch. Mrs. Funk was welcomed by the plant manager Jochen Scholz and the chargeBIG team. The personal acquaintance began with a look into the history of the plant, which dates back to 1954. Afterwards, they visited the recently built charging infrastructure for electric cars at the site. The potential cooperation between the city of Lorch and chargeBIG in the area of the public charging – for example at the local train station – was also discussed. The visit ended with an informative tour through the plant production areas of aluminium, sheet metal and plastic. In Lorch, a wide variety of technical parts, assemblies and end products for the combustion engine and for new fields of e-mobility are manufactured across all three material areas.

chargeBIG at the location of Cronimet

In March, a fully equipped charging cabinet with 36 single-phase charging points was put into operation at Cronimet in Karlsruhe. The project was implemented together with the partners eliso and Heldele. The charging points are used by the employees and company car owners of Cronimet and are initially accessible free of charge. At a later point in time, the payment system can be retrofitted. The supply cable to the charging cabinet is able to connect to a second charging cabinet and thus 36 charging points can be easily installed in the future.

MAHLE chargeBIG conforms to German metering regulations

MAHLE’s corporate start-up, chargeBIG, has successfully passed the VDE certification process with its charging solution for e-vehicles. With the support of the respective National Verification Authority, chargeBIG can now bill in compliance with the applicable legal requirements, meaning precise, comprehensible, permanently verifiable and storable. As the first provider in Germany, chargeBIG also offers its customers the opportunity to track charging on their smartphone in compliance with legal requirements using a meter progress indicator. The start-up from MAHLE has been successfully on the market since 2017 with a scalable intelligent charging solution for electric vehicles, which is particularly suitable for day and long-term parking. With chargeBIG it is possible to electrify as many parking spaces as possible at the same time with the lowest possible cost. Customers include Stuttgart Airport, the International Solar Energy Research Center in Konstanz, Cronimet Ferroleg GmbH, Schulz Group GmbH and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.

Member of Bundestag Dr. Anna Christmann visits MAHLE

On 17 March, Dr. Anna Christmann, the MAHLE headquarters in Bad Cannstatt. The Member of Parliament is already familiar with MAHLE and informed herself during her visit in particular about the company’s innovation activities.

Participation of MAHLE chargeBIG in the state award “Wir machen Mobilitätswende!”

The state award of Baden-Württemberg “Wir machen Mobilitätswende!” honors people in companies, communities, and organizations who professionally implement ideas for sustainable mobility.

Participation in the campaign “Echte Autoliebe” by CosmosDirekt

Real car love is when it keeps on sparking even without spark plugs. Nicole Heinrich from chargeBIG is taking part in CosmosDirekt’s Echte Autoliebe campaign, because tomorrow’s mobility needs to get on the road today. In the case of e-mobility, however, this only works if there are also enough charging stations along the road towards the future.

Among the 2020 SMAVARD winners.

Among the 2020 SMAVARD winners, reflecting the diversity of smart city implementations and locations from across Europe, is MAHLE with its charging solution chargeBIG and the implementation project “Charging solution with 100 charging points in Stuttgart”. The award was presented by the company BABLE during the live conference at the Nordic Edge Expo.

MAHLE opens Start-Up Space for new business ideas

MAHLE is opening a Start-Up Space in Stuttgart/Germany for its corporate start-ups and teams developing novel business concepts in the Incubator. Since 2017, the Incubator has been an established group-wide program supporting the development of new business ideas and a key part of MAHLE’s innovation strategy.

MAHLE chargeBIG wins the second Environmental Technology Award in the “Energy Efficiency” category by Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management of Baden-Württemberg

The Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management of Baden-Württemberg awards the Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Prize every two years.

Gold for MAHLE: Corporate start-up chargeBIG wins German Innovation Award 2020

First place for intelligent MAHLE charging structure in the category “Excellence in Business to Business – Automotive Technologies” chargeBIG is an intelligent charging solution for all-day parkers of e-vehicles Jury praises chargeBIG as a “major step on the road to e-mobility” MAHLE CEO Dr. Jörg Stratmann: “Award demonstrates the innovative strength of the MAHLE Group” […]

The MAHLE corporate start-up chargeBIG is part of the new image film of emobil BW “Future of mobility – Made in Baden-Württemberg”.

Electric vehicles with batteries or fuel cells, renewable energies and charging infrastructure, synthetic fuels and state-of-the-art manufacturing – the solutions for tomorrow’s mobility are already being developed in Baden-Württemberg today

MAHLE corporate start-up chargeBIG establishes charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Stuttgart/Germany, July 16, 2019 – Today, MAHLE celebrates the go-live of 100 chargeBIG charging points for electric vehicles in the company’s own parking garage in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt/Germany. This event is MAHLE’s contribution toward the day of action organized by the Bündnis für Luftreinhaltung, a local alliance to combat air pollution. One hundred charging points go […]

MAHLE chargeBIG is nominated as one public funding pilot project of the INPUT funding call by the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management of Baden-Württemberg

Ministerial Director Helmfried Meinel, Head of Office at the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management Baden-Württemberg,

chargeBIG: MAHLE’s intelligent charging system for Stuttgart Airport

By purchasing a chargeBIG charging system, Stuttgart Airport has opted for a low-cost solution from MAHLE for the electrification of its employee and vehicle fleet parking spaces.